One more show I received through trading.
It should be three discs for continuity, I received it on two discs. I hope you don�t mind.

Gov�t Mule:

Lineage: CD > EAC > FLAC (> etree ~ YOU Mule people)
Taped by:, thanks a lot for taping this wonderful show (one more source mentioned at, thank you, too)
Quality: good to very good
Title: �Brothers & Sisters�
File Size: 734MB
Length: 136:33min
More Information:

Live in 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, 10th March 2000
CD1: (68:03min)
1) Hammer And Nails ~
2) Don�t Step On The Grass, Sam
3) Life Before Insanity
4) No Need To Suffer ~
5) She Said, She Said ~
6) Tomorrow Never Knows Jam
7) Wandering Child
8) Fallen Down (1)
9) World Gone Wild (2) (fade out after the song)
CD2: (68:30min)
1) Drums ~ (fade in before the song)
2) Drums & Keys (2)
3) Lay Your Burden Down (1)
4) Bad Little Doggie (3)
5) Far Away (2)
6) 21st Century Schizoid Man (2) ~
7) We�re Not Gonna Take It (1)^ ~
8) Since I�ve Been Loving You (2)+
9) Mule (4) ~ I've Been Working (2) > Mule (4)
Length: 136:33min
Warren Haynes: Vocals, Guitar
Allen Woody: Bass
Matt Abts: Drums
(1) Johnny Neel on keyboards and back-up vocals
(2) Johnny on keyboards
(3) Johnny on keyboards, back-up vocals and harmonica
(4) Johnny on keyboards and harmonica
+ first time played
^ just the "Listening To You" part

Important Note: AVOID MP3 ~ Don�t Let It Bring You Down

Even More Important Note: please use this show for trading ~ never sell it (you may go to hell ~ which is not confirmed)

Thanks to the guy who opened his window for gm2000-12-30 long after the upload happened and I could download it. �21st Century Schizoid Man� is especially for you, thank you brother.
For Anja,

(Source: Niccolo, thanksamillion)