Gov't Mule
Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, WI
April 18, 2019

Location: The J-K Gap, dead center
Source: AKG61uls/AT933>Sound Devices Mix PRE6 @24bit/48kHz>Sony Soundforge 11 Levels Audacity Mixdown to 16bit/ 44.1kHz.CDWave Tracking encode Flac8

1 Intro Warren Explains Matt's Sick
2 The Real Thing
3 Wasted Time
4 Hallelujah
5 Banks Of The Deep End
6 Kind Of Bird
7 Sad And Deep As You
8 Into The Mstic
9 Endless Parade
10 Red House
11 Smokestack Lighting
12 She Said She Said
13 Polititician
14 I Feel Like Breaking Up Sombad's Home
15 Soulshine
16 Get Behind The Mule