Graham Nash:
Pier 84, NYC
(Cassette sbd master)

The Recording:
Master: soundboard > house cassette deck > headphone jack > my sony TCD-5M
Copy: master cassette > nakamichi cr-7a > sony sbm-1 > hhb cdr recorder

The Players:
Graham Nash: vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Bill Boydston: keyboards, drum and bass and synth programming, vocals
Hugh Ferguson: guitar, vocals

The Set List
01 Into
02 Military Madness
03 Pre-Road Downs
04 Chipping Away
05 I Used To Be A King
06 Glass And Steel
07 Magical Child
08 Wind On The Water
09 Barrel of Pain
10 Keep Away From Me
11 Chicago
12 Band Introductions
13 Just A Song Before I Go
14 Our House
15 Teach Your Children