Graham Nash (with David Crosby):
1986.08.21 (early show)
Rockefeller's, Houston
(2nd gen sbd)

The Recording:
Master: soundboard > long cable to the closet > nakamichi cassette deck
Copy: cassette > cassette (most likely nakamichi > nakamichi)
my 1st gen cassette > nakamichi cr-7A > sony sbm-1 > HHB CDR recorder

he Players:
Graham Nash: vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Bill Boydston: keyboards, drum and bass and synth programming, vocals
Hugh Ferguson: guitar, vocals
David Crosby: vocals & guitar (*)

The Set List:
01 Military Madness
02 Pre-Road Downs
03 Chipping Away
04 Over The Wall
05 Keep Away From Me
06 I Used To Be A King
07 Glass And Steel / Critical Mass (tape) > Wind On The Water *
08 Just A Song Before I Go
09 Carry Me
10 Compass
11 Guinevere
12 Our House
13 Teach Your Children