Gram Parsons

New York, NY

3.75 ips reel loaned by J.S. Played back on a TEAC X-2000R r2r, and recorded to my HHB CDR recorder.

- setlist -
t01 - [banter]
t02 - Jam ->
t03 - Jam ->
t04 - [guitar tuning]
t05 - In the Evening [When the Sun Goes Down] (Ray Charles)
t06 - [piano]
t07 - It's Me, It's Me O Lord (traditional)
t08 - It's Me, It's Me O Lord ->
t09 - Pick A Bale of Cotton -> (traditional)
t10 - Oh, Freedom -> (E. R. Nance Family)
t11 - It's Me, It's Me O Lord
t12 - [slow]
t13 - [banter & banging]
t14 - [hello, testing, guitar]
t15 - [drums]
t16 - It's Me, It's Me O Lord
t17 - It's Me, It's Me O Lord ->
t18 - Pick A Bale of Cotton ->
t19 - Oh, Freedom ->
t20 - It's Me, It's Me O Lord
t21 - banging & strumming
t22 - tuning
t23 - What'd I Say (Ray Charles)
t24 - Tragedy (The Fleetwoods)
t25 - See See Rider -> Blue Yodel (T for Texas) -> See See Rider (Elvis Presley)
t26 - When Will I Be Loved (Phil Everly)
t27 - harmonizing
t28 - hand claps & harmony 1
t29 - hand claps & harmony 2

This comes from a reel that was given to me in the late 90's by the same source that gave me all of the 1970 Byrds shows and the Gene Clark rough mixes. The reel was labeled "Neon Bread", and the source told me that it was an undocumented Gram Parsons New York City studio session from the early 70's. Naturally, I was intrigued.

At most points of the reel there were different programs in the right and left channels...only occasionally did the two sides synch up. At some points one channel was forwards and the other channel backwards! Lots of fun!

Because of these issues, my CDR copy had gone uncirculated (and unplayed) for the past 20+ years. A few weeks ago I reached out to a friend and fellow TTD member to aid in the restoration of this ultra-rare gem. Thanks to his efforts, here it is!

And by the way, it isn't very good. Extremely rare, but not very good.