Grateful Ball
Lincoln Theatre
Raleigh, NC
March 30, 2017

01. Franklin's Tower
02. Cumberland Blues
03. Althea
04. Friend Of The Devil
05. If I Had The World To Give
06. New Speedway Boogie
07. Loose Lucy
08. Man Smart (Women Smarter)

Total time: 66:29

The band is...
Ronnie McCoury - vocals, mandolin
Rob McCoury - banjo
Jason Carter - fiddle / vocals
Alan Bartram - bass / vocals
Cody Kilby - guitar
Jeff Austin - vocals, mandolin
Mike Robinson - guitar
Max Johnson - bass
Kyle Tuttle - banjo

Source: Schoeps MK4/CMC6 > Sound Devices 744T + Soundboard > Tascam DR100mkIII at 24/48

Location: FOB DFC on 1st riser

Conversion: 24 bit 48 k wav files time aligned & mixed with Audacity, split into tracks with CD Wave, fades at beginning & end of show with Sound Forge 6.0, FLAC files generated with dBpoweramp Music Converter, tagged with foobar2000.

Recording & conversion by Robbie Dunn

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