Grateful Dead
The Alternative Terrapin

Terrapin Station and Mars Hotel studio out-takes

Derived from the tagged version of shn #16745.

Source:SBD> Master Reel> DAT> CDR> SHN

DAE(EAC0.9 beta 4)>tracking(CDWAV)>SHN(MKWAct.96f)>FTP via Tripp

flac files from internet > xACT > WAV > Pro Tools LE > xACT > flac > back into the wild

01 Estimated Prophet
02 Dancing in the Street
03 Passenger
04 Samson & Delilah
05 Sunrise
06 Terrapin Station
07 Fire on the Mountain
08 Equinox
09 Pride of Cucamonga (two false starts, full version)
10 Money Money
11 Unbroken Chain (false start, full version)

I saw a mention of these somewhere online and hadn't listened to
them in years. Found it shared on a blog and grabbed it.
Cleaned up the sound a bit. The Mars takes were louder than the rest.
The Terrapin takes were louder in one channel than the other.
Smoothed everything out and put them in this order.
It's all very nice now.

acetboy 2019-02-12