The Great Fraud
The Stanhope House
Stanhope, New Jersey
August 31st,2012'

Opened For Eric Steckel

Thanx Great Fraud for allowing me to record!

Recorded & transferred by Bob Pitlak
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The Great Fraud is a New Jersey based band who are emerging on the scene with a very
unique sound, described as a blues/roots/rock sound with very soulful lyrics and an
electrifying stage presence you can hear many different artists from years gone by
from Jimi Hendrix to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and obvious tributes to
greats like Muddy Waters and Little Walter.

I went to this show to see the ever amazing Eric Steckel and had no idea who The Great
Fraud was , so i asked Joe Marrero lead guitarist & vocalist if it was alright to record
and he said sure, no problem.

I think in time these guys will develop into a very popular band and make some hedgeway
into the spotlight with other great acts , some of the best stuff i heard from these guys
on this occasion was actually their own original material which at times sounds like the
old J.Geils band when they first started out, and even sounding like Cream as well.Some
highlights from the show are originals "Let's Go Out And Play" and "Do You Really Love Your
Man", and guest vocals by Stanhope House Proprieter Jon Klein on Red House.

This band won the recent battle of the bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City and will
go on i guess to the next level of competition, not too shabby.

All in all a really entertaining show from The Great Fraud, who are very energetic, enthusiastic
bunch of guys who will make some new fans in the years to come.

Highly recommend this show if you wanna check out a great up and coming blues/rock/roots band !

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How to:

The Band

Joe Marrero: Guitar/Vocals
Taso Zahariadas: Bass/Vocals
Tony Marchesani: Drums
Phil "Reese" Karlan: Harp
Jon Klein : Proprieter/Guest Vocals*

Setlist ( 47:15 ) Min

1: Come On ( Part 1 )
2: Cold Machine
3: Gypsy
4: Come Together
5: Roll Down
6: Savoy Truffle
7: Waste Of Time
8: Let's Go Out And Play
9: Red House*
10: Banter/Talk
11: Do You Really Love Your Man

Artwork Included
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