Greyboy Allstars
March 27th, 1998
930 Club Washington DC

Source: DAT soundboard clone #1 at 16/48
Transfer: Sony R500> coax out> Tascam Dr-100 mkIII. AACC for fades, cdwav for tracks, tlh for flac8, mp3tag for tagging

Set One:
01. Right On
02. Ain't It Funky Now
03. Reasons
04. Jack Rabbit
05. Happy Friends
06. One Cylinder
07. Tenor Man
08. Tax Man
09. Quantico, VA

Set Two:
10. Volcanic Acne
11. Corry's Snail And Slug Death
12. Get a Job
13. Let The Music Take Your Mind
14. ?
15. Check Out Your Mind
16. BareFootin
17. Toys R Us
18. Kick To The Head, Burrito On The Floor

Karl Denson, Zak Najor, Elgin Park, Chris Stillwell, Robert Walter


- No further processing done
- this is a 16/48 transfer
- its a good mix, keyboards/sax get a little hot at times.....but that is not necessarily a bad thing imho
- No DAT errors
- transferred, tracked and tagged by Mike Schuncke 7/27/2020