Guitar Legends
Expo '92
Seville, Spain

October 15 1991

First Night - Blues

Lineage: FM > Cassette > Transfer via Aiwa F450 > Audacity (Edit, Track & Normalize at -1.0dB) > TLH (Convert align on sector boundaries) > FLAC 8

Recorded & Transferred by GW


01 Intro
02 Sabre Dance (Dave Edmunds)
03 Standing At The Crossroads (Dave Edmunds w/Steve Cropper)
04 Phone Booth (Robert Cray)
05 Last Night (Robert Cray)
06 Ice Man (Albert Collins w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper)
07 Put The Shoe On The Other Foot (Albert Collins w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper)
08 Bo Diddley (Bo Diddley w/Steve Cropper)
09 Who Do You Love (Bo Diddley w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper)
10 I'm Movin' On (B.B. King w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper)
11 The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King w/Dave Edmunds,Steve Cropper)
12 The Tribute Blues (all)

Albert Collins - Guitar,Vocal
Robert Cray - Guitar,Vocal
Steve Cropper - Guitar,Vocal
Bo Diddley - Guitar,Vocal
Dave Edmunds - Guitar,Vocal
B.B. King - Guitar,Vocal


Tape Flip in "The Thrill Is Gone"

There are a few seconds of serious interference occurring in virtually every track.

BBC Radio One broadcast highlights from the five nights of the Guitar Legends series of shows over a five week period. The recordings are not necessarily complete as I only recorded those artists I was interested in at the time.

"Last Night" & "Put The Shoe On The Other Foot" do not appear on the 90 minute broadcast TV version.