Berkeley, Ca.
Greek Theater

01.Dance Across The Mountain-H.
02.What's Goin' On-H.R.
03.This Old Man-P.
04.If I Had A Hammer-P.
05.60' Generation-A.
06.Mothers, Daughters, Wives-R.P.
07.Atomic Poison Power?-H.
09.Like a Rainbow?-H.
11.Small Business Blues-R.
12.The Water Is Wide-R.A.P.
13.City Of New Orleans-A.
14.Mr. Tamborine Man-A.
15.Fine Time?-H.
16.These Eyes?-H.
17.Víctor Jara Poem-P.
18.Spirit Is Free?-R.
19.Garden Song-H.A.R.P.
20.The Lion Sleeps Tonight-H.A.R.P.
21.Jacob's Ladder-H.A.R.P.

22.Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream-H.A.R.P.
23.Singing For Our Live's-H.A.R.P.

Holly Near - Vocals, Guitar
Arlo Guthrie - Vocals, Guitar
Ronnie Gilbert - Vocals
Pete Seeger - Vocals, Guitar,Banjo. Woodwinds

Jeff Langley - Piano, Vocals

Using Creative Sound Card Audio Recorder

Taped and upped by Greeney55
"Not Circulated"
CHECK OUT ALL MY DVD/CD'and as always enjoy.

The released HARP recordings are from the Los Angeles show nothing from this show has been released!!

a097866a1fe1ccd378bee783cb54ced1 *01.Dance Across The Mountain.flac
085b92e3157dcd1f29620f349939c157 *02.What's Goin' On.flac
b98f836999f7918f1d9f7771b74d2cbd *03.This Old Man.flac
0a6e5ea658a51f7afe7737875fb61744 *04.If I Had A Hammer.flac
187ea847bf74e00e396d1336c728aab4 *05.60' Generation.flac
2dc7e3415897d283a71061830afdff91 *06.Mothers, Daughters, Wives.flac
3812953882cc8ff06995a19c73e3b451 *07.Atomic Poison Power.flac
29865b131f8ed9d522d8c696b01c8319 *08..flac
732309a4fff570328ca10641aca2b483 *09.Like a Rainbow.flac
5d6a7887215e87d335506b83e192a577 *10..flac
4c9ac33ada7c3fa6f26a878d31bd6966 *11.Small Business Blues.flac
71691d84c38fb012fdffa6ed84ab4f69 *12.The Water Is Wide.flac
965b0a10b8e2c947fb586559a8231140 *13.City Of New Orleans.flac
6596a1defd1a302c6898d12fcfd015c3 *14.Mr. Tamborine Man.flac
90cd5ba7a144821f7639fad4ed739861 *15.Fine Time.flac
cdc39c12693f98eeeea33016254993a6 *16.These Eyes.flac
105e8b0acf853ed74ccee82df337aa3e *17.Victor Jara Poem.flac
720683177e4f6188a1f9c6f25c603f5a *18.Spirit Is Free.flac
75d264d174761c030754e61570e7d5d6 *19.Garden Song.flac
c33060070289afe82f2eda47f85dd273 *20.The Lion Sleeps Tonight.flac
a59b44b857341cdfa0c6ce6577cd32b1 *21.Jacob's Ladder.flac
158a4546d91181e52923b1238700d62b *22.Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream.flac
ec11c42a524226071a7cc956b209f4e0 *23.Singing For Our Live's.flac

#09.has a very little bit of mic noise SORRY.
Please give me some help with the song list??

OK my little leecher kiddies other than that this was a great day out at The Greek in the sun another time and this to turned out to be one of my best tapes. So enjoy and return and tell me what you think.

Let me tell you folk's I had a real tough time not singing along!!!!
Sorry about the occasional chuckle but I couldn't help it...Bad Greeney!!!???

This is in antipition of the "Arlo Guthrie" show I have a seat in the 5th row to on 2010-04-28 = Big Fun coming up!!!

Note4: Don't you wish there weren't so many notes???
Written one's that is.....LOL????

"The me I used to think of as being myself has slowly been replaced by the self I seem to be today." - Arlo Guthrie



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