Ha Ha the Moose
Summercamp Music Festival
Late Night in the Red Barn

Source: JM 27a's>Tmod UA5>Tascam HDP2
Lineage: Flashcard>USB>cdWav>S.F. 9.0> TLH
FOB/DFC on the Pole 10' high 10' out
taped and transfer: jesse d. scott

Talk Dirty to Me
20 lb's of shit in a 2 lb bag
Ha Ha the Moose
Sexy and I know It
Mr. Her
Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
10 things Vin is likely to Say
Thirsty Carbuncle
Rednecks Are Everywhere
In the Name of Freedom
Devil Toad
Fuck This Shit!

Ha Ha The Moose is:

Dr. Guano- bass/vocals
Sludge- drums/vocals
Jeff Von KickAss- guitar/vocals