Hacienda Brothers w Dan Penn 2006-07-16 Philadelphia, PA (USA) ** UNCIRCULATED/SOUNDBOARD/SAMPLES ** RIP Chris Gaffney!

Hacienda Brothers
The Tin Angel
Philadelphia, PA (USA)


01. Intro,... 1:59
02. Midnight Dream 4:59
03. What's Wrong With Right 3:34
04. Leavin' On My Mind 3:47
05. Walkin' On My Dreams 3:37
06. The Last Time 4:00
07. If Daddy Don't Sing Danny Boy 3:01
08. Light It Again, Charlie 5:20
09. Cry Like A Baby 4:37
10. I've Got You On My Mind 12:45
11. Keep It Together 4:32
12. Six Days On The Road 5:55
13. Seven Little Numbers 3:15
14. Gone 8:34
15. Cowboys To Girls 8:28


Chris Gaffney
Dave Gonzalez
Dale Daniel
Dave Berzansky
Hank Maninger



SOURCE: Soundboard

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The Hacienda Brothers have always been a taper friendly band. They're very generous with their music. Over the
years, they've *GIVEN* us a lot of great music! Much of it has been posted on Dime. At this point in time, they're asking their fans to give a little in return,...

Sadly, Chris Gaffney (One of the Brothers) was recently diagnosed with liver cancer,... sadder yet, he passed away
on Thursday, April 17th. He was in the process of going though chemotherapy at the time of his death. While Chris had health insurance, it didn't cover the total costs of his medical expenses. Chris had a wife, and was a beloved father and uncle. It would be very nice if people could donate some money, in Chris' memory, to help Chris' family with medical expences. These are very difficult time times for Chris' family. To learn more, and give a message of condolence and support, please visit:


Even if you can only leave a message of condolence,... that would be good. The Hacienda Brothers understand that these are hard times;... they're not asking you to give more than you can afford. At the same time, every little bit helps. I'm certain that Gaff would've been very thankful for every bit of help you can provide. We all wish the best for Chris' family. May Chris rest in peace. Chris,... we will miss you; you made a difference, in so many different ways!


Western Soul everybody! This concert was recorded a couple of weeks before the official release of the Hacienda Brother's album "What's Wrong With Right." Simply put, there's nothing wrong with this show; it's RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT! The great Dan Penn is present, as a special guest. The samples, that are provided, give a very good idea of the quality of this recording. It's top notch throughout. You'll be hard pressed to find anything wrong with this recording! Smooth Western Soul, at it's best!

I would like to thank the Hacienda Brothers for putting out such great music! I hope that they're able to find a way to hold things together,... and continue playing as a band. There's no doubt, it won't be easy, without Chris. I also want to thank Mr. Blanco, for making this music available to us, at this time. The goal here, is to draw attention to www.helpgaff.com! It's too bad the circumstances aren't different,... but,... well,... some things we can't control. We do the best that we can.

Enjoy listening to the Hacienda Brothers, and please visit www.HelpGaff.com Buy Hacienda Brothers CDs!


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Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 03 - Track03.flac:df6c24597313e8985c1ea8e456ff1dc7
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 04 - Track04.flac:009c9c5eb746797b044cff465310041c
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 05 - Track05.flac:6af955690f70e3561771cc5f923fa57a
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 06 - Track06.flac:2b2d32851b082d9dda68db2e99547bfb
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 07 - Track07.flac:9bb6c82228a88c6ae7ae7d384c6efee0
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 08 - Track08.flac:4c2c64b98de719006c5f6a883986b347
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 09 - Track09.flac:b26ba2debb832023194ed09e292b4ca6
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 10 - Track10.flac:f2a22771d9df6348f4256140825c2fe4
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 11 - Track11.flac:6fa6e7008aa3a548abc8b85a7e6afb21
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 12 - Track12.flac:c9578bf31f9cbbdaba20a29fe7ec5642
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 13 - Track13.flac:c389ebdfec08046353dddb78fb16a6d5
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 14 - Track14.flac:eb74ef8348c2801691a6c7e03d8fa824
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title - 15 - Track15.flac:23c597ff48152d6cb477e4e50625ede1

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