Hackensaw Boys
Double Door
Chicago, IL

Source: SP-CMC-8 cardioid > M-AUDIO MicroTrack II > 44.1 kHz 16-bit WAV
Location: 7' left VIP bar, 25' from stage, ORTF 20cm 20 pointed at speakers
Transfer: WAV > CD Wave > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC
Recorded by: Joe Steffen (HackensawFan at comcast dot net)

01. Over the Road
02. End Times
03. Can't Catch Me
04. Spring Fruit
05. Too Much Time
06. Baltimore
07. Tough Luck
08. Cannonball
09. No Deal
10. Knoxville Blues
11. Johnny Thurman
12. Sweet Petunia
13. Restaurant Girl
14. Blue-Eyed Girl
15. Radio
16. Blue Run
17. Keep It Simple
18. Silver Lining
19. Take Me There
20. Always Been a Rambler
21. Nashville
22. Look Out Dog, Slow Down Train
23. F.D.R.
24. Miner
25. Just One Chance
26. Wherever You Are

The Hackensaw Boys for this show were (in alphabetical order):
Baby J. on bass and harmonica
Brian on charismo and drums
Four on fiddle and bass
Mahlon on mandolin
Plang Tang on banjo
Spits on guitar


Note: I had problems with input levels in this recording. I set my levels during the opening band's set, but had to raise them during the 1st song, and then keep lowering them during the next 5 songs as the sound guy raised his levels. He did the opening band sound from the board 20 feet in front of the band, but switched to the board at stage right for the Hackensaw Boys. After the 6th song my levels were too low in retrospect, but higher for the encore that was performed in front of the stage, when I grabbed my mics and walked up to the band. At least I got a decent recording; last time at this venue I had no place to set up.