Hall and Oates
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
November 27, 1975 (LATE)

FM Broadcast over WNYU-FM. Got this in a trade and this was
transferred from a low-generation cassette. Not perfect but very good quality
and a most enjoyable show. According to a set list on the web there is one
missing song which seems to have edited out from the tape flip.

Recorded to wav with Edirol R-09 and tracks edited with CDWave.

01 Camellia (5’13)
02 Beanie G and Rose Tattoo (4’33)
03 You’re Much Too Soon (5’32)
04 Lady Rain (5’57)
05 Better Watch Your Back (5’26)
06 You Know It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (4’21)
07 Laughing Boy (4’00)
08 I’m Just A Kid (5’14)
Alone Too Long (4’12) - MISSING
09 Sara Smile (8’23)
10 She's Gone (5’40)
11 Abandoned Luncheonette (6’19)
12 Every Time I Look At You (5’07)
13 Grounds For Separation (4’05)