> Hall and Oates
> Daryl Hall: vocals, synthesizer, guitar, vibraphone
> John Oates: vocals, synthesizer, guitar
> Todd Sharp: lead guitar
> Dave Kent: keyboards
> Steve Dees: bass
> Eddie Zyne: drums

> Tower Theater
> Upper Darby, Pa.
> (a suburb of Philadelphia)
> December 13, 1975
> featuring music from their 4th album, "Daryl Hall & John Oates"
> ER Archives Vol. 10 via JEMS
> runtime: 91:13 (minutes/seconds)
> Recording Info: WMMR FM b-cast > Tandberg 9200XD reel to reel recorder >
> BASF master reel
> JEMS 2014 Transfer: off-air FM broadcast BASF master reel >
> Otari 5050 mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer > Sound Devices USBPre 2 >
> Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > iZotope RX > Peak 6.0
> with iZotope Ozone 5.0 (pitch correction) > resample 16/44.1 WAV >
> tracking in soundforge > flac (sb's aligned) >
> torrentially yours.
> tracked, flac'ed and posted by Ian (glasnostrd19)
> do not sell this recording.
> share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
> setlist:
> 01: Ed Sciaky, WMMR Intro > Camellia 5:13
> 02: Beanie and the rose tattoo 4:29
> 03: you're much too soon 5:36
> 04: lady rain 6:00
> 05: better watch your back 5:19
> 06: is it a star 8:09
> 07: it doesn't matter anymore 4:25 (radio announcer end cuts out)
> 08: laughing boy > I'm just a kid 9:14
> 09: alone too long 4:37
> 10: Sara Smile 7:34
> 11: abandoned luncheonette (and radio DJ introduction) 6:49
> 12: Ennui on the mountain 5:09
> 13: Gino (the manager) and encore applause 4:53
> 14: band introductions :44
> 15: fall in Philadelphia 4:02
> 16: every time I look at you 4:47
> 17: grounds for separation 4:11 (end applause spliced)
> Welcome back to the tenth in a series of releases from the
> ER Archives, the collection of an active '70s taper and
> trader who stepped away from collecting, leaving his tapes
> dormant until now. ER's collection contains previously
> uncirculated shows as well as upgrades to circulating tapes,
> both audience and soundboard. He used high-end tape decks
> and good tape, so his copies of even well-known shows have
> proven to be improvements.
> Installment No. 10 is an upgrade to one of the earliest
> circulating Hall and Oates performances, a hometown gig at
> the Tower Theater in Philly (ok, Upper Darby to be exact),
> as broadcast on WMMR.
> The show has been upped to DIME before as an unknown
> generation soundboard with unknown date. To the best of our
> knowledge, this release marks the first time the full
> broadcast has been made available, restoring the late Ed
> Sciaky's intro to the WMMR broadcast and the first two
> songs of the set: "Camellia" and "Beanie and the Rose Tattoo."
> Carrying this tape over the finish line is friend of the firm
> glasnostrd19. Thanks to him for final primping and prepping.
> And of course, thanks once again to the ER Archive for
> opening up the vault doors and sharing this recording with
> the fans. Feel free to let him know how you feel in the
> comments. Samples provided.
> BK for JEMS
> this is a live FM broadcast of Hall and Oates from their hometown area.
> there is some slight FM noise from time to time, but it''s not very loud
> and may not be noticable at all to the less fussy ears.
> I could not hear it in most of the show. the sound quality is quite good for a show
> of this era. there are a few commercial break interruptions in the broadcast
> which cut in and out of a couple of songs slightly, it's very close to the full show.
> the set includes songs from Abandoned Luncheonette, War Babies, one from their debut album "whole oats"
> and 6 from the latest at this time, featuring music from their 4th album, "Daryl Hall & John Oates".
> this may be the most complete version of this show to circulate yet,
> at least from a master tape source. I have tried to smooth out the rough edits as
> inconspicuously as possible, making this a "seamless' recording.
> it sounds like it does go through to the end of the concert, and starts where it ought to, at the beginning of it.
> thanks so much to ER and BK for sharing this early Hall and Oates show with me to share with you.
> I first heard them along with many others a couple of years later in 1978 with "don't blame it on love"
> and a very long slew of hits through the 1980's, but most of this stuff was new to me (in 2014!)
> hope you all like this early Hall and Oates show. the band is sounding fresh and vital.
> Ian for JEMS