Hall and Oates
Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Holland
4 June 1976

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Taper: Hans de Vente (themadtaper)
Editing: propylaen

1. Intro > Camellia
2. Beanie G. And The Rose Tattoo
3. You're Much Too Soon
4. Lady Rain
5. Better Watch Your Back
6. Is It A Star
7. Laughing Boy
8. I'm Just A Kid (Don't Make Me Feel Like A Man)
9. Alone Too Long
10. Sara Smile
11. She's Gone
12. Abandoned Luncheonette
13. Band Introduction (partial)
14. Ennui On The Mountain
15. Gino (The Manager)

Total time 1:18:50

Darryl Hall - Vocals, Piano
John Oates - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Todd Sharp - Lead Guitar
Dave Kent - Keyboards
Steve Dees - Bass
Eddy Zyne - Drums


Hans' notes:

Review from a Dutch newspaper:

Hall and Oates: A Discovery

Friday afternoon June 4th, Daryl Hall and John Oates played together with a very capable backing band, for the first time in the Amsterdam Vondelpark. The Dutch got surprisingly acquainted with this -originally- Philadelphia duo.
Hall and Oates� music is almost unknown in this country, so unjust. It is difficult to describe the sort of music they make: Hall and Oates give us strong melody lines, superb singing, all intercalated on/in a heavy instrumental foundation, dominated by soul and funk rhythms.
This is not all: sometimes the melodic music is replaced by heavy rock guitar solos.
Their power lies within a well dosed variation between singing skills -in which the blond Daryl Hall appeared to have a staggering flexibility- and the instrumental interplays, varied with rock, spacerock (I guess here he talks about �Falling�, says Wilbert) and funk or a mixture of the three.

Drummer Eddy Zyne, lead guitarist Todd Sharp, bass player Steve Dees and organ/piano/synthesizer player Dave Kent gave a tight foundation to there backing music. The band gave Hall -who played the electric piano sometimes and Oates (with cap) on rhythm guitar- enough space for their very �penetrating� way of singing. During this open air concert of 1 � hours duration, the sun got stronger, the open air theatre was filled with people, they played 10 expanded tracks of their albums. Abandoned Luncheonette and War Babies, which was produced by Todd Rundgren (Mind you: Todd was a hero in Holland in 1976, says Wilbert). They also played �Hall and Oates� (Silver Album, says Wilbert).
Striking were �Is It A Star?� and �Betty Jean� (must mean: Beenie Gee, says Wilbert), a long track in which Hall and Oates sang on turns, instrumentally backed subtle by the band.
They also sung �She�s Gone� and �Sarah Smile�. The last song is a hit in the States. However in the Vondelpark it also blew everybody�s mind.
The smiling Hall, who improvised a lot, even succeeded in letting the public hum along, they even started to dance (My oh my, says Wilbert).
The encore consisted of �twist�-starting-up that changed into �Gino Says�. Hall and Oates and their band made an extremely good impression on the public.
A concert, that musically and technically reached a very high level, this all in shrill contrast with all the mass concerts of the last few weeks�� and it was free of charge as well�����.

by Pieter Franssen

Translation by Wilbert 04/22/2008, Thanks Wilbert!

Received as 3 continuous Flac files.
Tape flip after track 8, gap removed.
Tape flip after track 11, applause fades out, follwing band introduction cuts in.

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