Hall and Oates
Park West
Chicago, Illinois
November 1978

Lineage: WXRT-FM => cassette => HHB CDR830/CD-R/W => EAC => Nero Wave Editor (track splits and edits) => FLAC frontend level 6 (align on sector boundaries)

01. Don't Blame It On Love
02. Serious Music
03. Rich Girl
04. I Don't Wanna Lose You/
05. My Girl
06. Abandoned Luncheonette
07. Gino
(edit out station ID)
08. Band Introductions (tape flip during introductions)
09. August Day
10. Back Together Again
11. Sara Smile
12. She's Gone
13. It's A Laugh
14. Pleasure Beach

Caleb Quaye: Guitar
Kenny Passarelli: Bass
Charlie DeChant: Sax, Keyboards
David Kent: Keyboards
Roger Pope: Drums

This is a solid A rating, FM recording. I seem to recall that WXRT broadcast the entire concert live; however, this is their one-hour edited version that ran during their usual Sunday Night Concert series. The only edits I did not noted in the setlist are to fade in at the beginning (where I had to omit what I believe is the introductory music from Fripp and Eno's "Evening Star") and the fade at the end. The other edits were done by WXRT.

A good show from the downtime between their first and second big waves of popularity, on tour to promote "Along The Red Ledge".