Hall & Oates Live
at The Roxy Theater
Los Angeles, California

FM Broadcast > ??? > CDR Trade

The Woman Comes and Goes
Don't Blame it On Love
Rich Girl
Do What You Want, Be What You Are
It's a Laugh
Sweet Soul Music
Band Introduction
Serious Music
Wait For Me
Sara Smile
She's Gone
Pleasure Beach
Be Bop Drop
Room To Breathe

I remember listening to this live on KLOS-FM here in LA, and taping it. No clue what ever happened to the tape I recorded with my Aiwa or Marantz or Sony tape deck of the day, but I was able to get a copy many years later in a cdr trade and wanted to share here it on Dime. My memory was how I couldn't believe how Hall and Oates rocked. It was a great evening of 70's power pop.

A- sound quality
Artwork included.

Enjoy :)