Daryl Hall and John Oates bring their band to the intimate Paradise club for a fun hour
or so set of their early hits. Boston took quite a liking to these guys around this time,
don't blame it on love and rich girl are among the highlights here. It's a complete broadcast,
a clean static-free recording, the vocal harmonies here are very nice if you like good pop
vocal harmonies. it's vintage Hall and Oates that I suspect will be of interest to many
folks so enjoy. Some good music for romantic moods in here. I thought they gave a fine
performance here and the 2 shows to follow in the trilogy (Boston 80 and 81.)
Apparently Boston loves Hall and Oates music. They seem to like Boston quite a bit too.
A first time seed from my FM master tape 2/29/08. (info file corrected August 18, 2008,
and a little more in Nov. 2010)
From Paradise...
Daryl Hall: guitars, keyboards, vocals
John Oates: guitars, vocals
G.E. Smith: guitars
Charlie DeChant: saxophones, keyboards
John Siegler: bass
Jerry Gerard: drums
Paradise Club
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
November 1979
performance quality: A (very good vocals and tight band performance)
recording quality: A-
source: master FM broadcast tape
runtime: 60:16
1: the woman comes and goes (4:32)
2: don't blame it on love (4:57)
3: rich girl (3:34)
4: do what you want, be what you are (7:22)
5: it's a laugh (4:49)
6: sweet soul music / introducing the band - medley (12:56)
7: serious music (5:42)
8: wait for me (5:20)
9: pleasure beach (4:57)
10: be bop / drop (6:05)
WBCN 104.1 FM radio >
Sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna >
unknown cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLI and TDK SA master cassettes >
played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (wav) > flac > torrent.
reseeded in 2010 with info. and setlist correction, and a
flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion to remove the sbe's.
Do nor sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
Deck the halls.
eat the oates.
they're good for you.
Nice early club gig when "wait for me" was their new single. There would be many
more of those to follow, at this time H & O were becoming one of the most popular
vocal-oriented pop artists of the early 80's, the band is tight, the vocals sound
superb here, and in the 2 broadcasts to follow. Just in case anyone still likes
these guys, and because there's alot to like if you like good pop music vocals,
I'm gonna share these recordings, because Hall and Oates are an original, and
at this time already showing their dynamic wide ranging vocal work. A year later,
they were at the Orpheum, again in 1981. All three are very good shows, FM broadcasts.
the other 2 have been seeded a few months ago and fell off the tracker. This
is my only club gig of H & O and it's a good one. If you like their special brand of
sweet harmony, you will enjoy this one. I think this is the same G.E. Smith also heard
in the Saturday Night Live TV show band (probably not much later either). I thought
there was a keyboard player in here too but either I didn't notice the introduction,
they forgot to introduce him/her, or there was no keyboard player. I haven't listened
to these shows in years, especially this one because it's on 2 different tapes, but
the tape change is during a commercial break in the broadcast, so no music is cut out
of this unless the broadcast itself was edited. At this time this could be a full set,
there may have been 2 shows this night (not sure), they were already popular in Boston.
They come from Phila. Pa. and got pretty big in Boston around this time, even bigger
the next 2 years. So welcome to part 1 of my Hall and Oates Trilogy in Boston, Mass.
All 3 will come to you in 3 step torrent form (master > WAV > FLAC > torrent.) and
if I find one of these is released I will scream, because I am not aware of any of this
material being released. I think these guys are from the Phila. Pa. area, although
they got a very warm reception in Boston. This broadcast was part of 104.1 FM WBCN's
"Basement Tapes" series (not on any more, I miss that), which was typically of new
bands that were rising fast in popularity at the time (Elvis Costello, Magazine, U-2
and Joe Jackson are among the artists included in that), and mostly from the Paradise,
now celebrating 30 years of live rock shows. If it sounds like glasnostrd19 has seen
or recorded alot of shows there, it's because I have, probably more than any other venue.
I didn't see this one, never seen Hall and Oates, don't see H & O posted alot here on dime
. They were warmly welcomed in Boston, letting WBCN record this for later broadcast,
along with their next 2 appearances being broadcast live (not recorded)
Didn't happen to the Police, who released a double CD of their 2 Boston 79 broadcasts. (it's good, too)
Didn't happen to U-2, who I'm told released part or all of the 3/6/81 Paradise broadcast.
It did happen to Daryl Hall and John Oates. Partly, because Boston loves these guys,
and partly because they sounded very good. If you like vocal pop harmonies, these guys
do it about as well as anyone. It's not "rock and roll" and I don't listen to alot of H & O
but I like it. hope you do too. This music is even suitable for that "romantic mood" I'd say.
This recording was on 2 different kinds of tape/bias setting (Maxell XLI and TDK SA) so
there may be a slight difference in the sound, but both tapes are still in good shape
and are of good quality. (pretty comparably so).
Congradulations to the Paradise Club.
From 1977 to today and still rockin' Boston after 33 years!
if not for them Boston could be severely concert deprived right now,
and that brings problems far worse than just bad (or no) concerts
for a small compacted city with over half a million people in it.....
Almost any rock band you can name that was new sometime after 11/77,
has played there.