Hall and Oates
Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA
December 31, 1979

Source : WIOQ 102.1 FM Broadcast > Cassette Master (Maxell UD XL I C90 w/Dolby B on)

Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 (w/Dolby B off) > Tascam DR-40 Linear PCM Recorder 16/44.1 kHz)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > Wave > TLH (SB's aligned) Flac level 8

Traders Den - 1/18/19

Transferred and Tracked by kingrue upload 1776

This has never been on The Traders Den and not currently on dime.

The qualty is decent. It's not pristine, but it's definitely listenable. I thought the tape speed sounded good, so I left it alone.

This is the only copy I've ever heard. I found a backstage pass, which I've added a scan of that inside the torrent folder.

Check samples for quality and enjoy the show.

Band members:
Daryl Hall : guitars, keyboards, vocals
John Oates : guitars, vocals
Charlie DeChant : sax, keyboards
John Siegler : bass
G.E. Smith : guitars
Jerry Moratta : drums

Set list:
01 WIOQ Introduction
02 The Woman Comes And Goes
03 Don't Blame It On Love
04 Rich Girl
05 Do What You Want, Be What You Are
06 Sweet Soul Music (incl. band intro)
07 Serious Music
08 Wait For Me
-- tape flip --
09 She's Gone
10 Pleasure Beach
11 Bebop Drop
12 Intravino
13 Room To Breathe
14 Better Watch Your Back
15 Is It A Star
16 Sara Smile

Total Time = 01:29:16

~~ ENJOY ~~