..to the Orpheum...
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Daryl Hall - keys, guitar, trombone, vox
John Oates - guitar, b.vox
Jeff Southworth - guitar
Charles Deshann - sax, keys
John Siegler - bass
Chuck Burgi - drums
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
August 19, 1980
performance quality: A
recording quality: A
source: master tape of live (not recorded) FM broadcast
runtime: 82:50
1: radio announcer
2: how does it feel to be back (?)
3: big kids
4: rich girl
5: she's gone
6: sacred songs
7: sweet soul music
8: Sara smile > wait for me
9: you make my dreams come true
10: be what you are (?)
11: you've lost that lovin' feeling
12: announcer encore break 1
13: United States
14: encore break 2
15: ?
16: NYC, NY
17: announcer wrap up
This is part 2 of glasnostrd19's Hall and Oates Boston torrent trilogy. By this time the hits
were starting to pile up like logs for Hall and Oates, along with lots of ticket and album sales.
the pop and soul harmonies were becoming more prominent in their music, and they had decided
Boston is a nice place for a Hall and Oates show. Apparently they really like playing here
and prove it again with an inspired, soulful show. This broadcast was live as it happened,
touring their newest album, Voices. It's an appropriate name for a H & O album, since these
are two of the most distinctive sounding vocalists in music. They had taken on a more polished,
poppy style than the previous year, a trend that continued further in part 3 of my little
torrent trilogy in 1981, and for many years after. This one may be the best sound quality of
the 3, since the 81 show was recorded on a cheap deck and the 79 is from a recorded broadcast.
the 79 one was posted a few days ago, and like that, this is a first time seed from my master
FM broadcast recording. WBCN broadcasted all 3 installments of my Hall and Oates Boston trilogy.
The Orpheum Theater is good fore some bands more than others. Almost any good sounding theater
(including the Orpheum) is a nice place to hear these guys sing, if you're into the pop thing,
at this time Hall and Oates had become 2 of the best voices in this genre. They deliver another
very solid performance in what I believe is their 1st visit to the Orpheum theater, (since part 1
of this not so little story was at the Paradise club).
It wouldn't be their last, either.
Justv to add a little suspense to things by the way, coming up in a few weeks, a band of very
different style and comparable popularity will be posted playing a song heard in this torrent.
(assuming there are no unexpected uploading problems with it- I expect there to be none) I think
just this little information should clue alot of folks into at least one member of that band...
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Deck the halls.
Eat the oats.
(they're good for you.)