... to the Orpheum again.
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass.
November 19, 1981
performance quality: A
recording quality: A-
source: master FM broadcast tape
runtime: 80:21
lineage: WBCN FM radio >
Sansui 8 reciever >
Technics (Crapnics, in this case, but it worked) cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLI 90 min. master cassette >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV) > FLAC 6 >
torrentially yours.
1: stage introduction >
how does it feel to be back
2: ditty do wop
3: ?
4: rich girl
5: she's gone
6: I can't go for that
7: your kiss is on my lips
8: goin' to a go-go ( > Motown medley)
9: Sara smile > wait for me
10: private eyes
11: you've lost that lovin' feeling
12: announcer encore break (with band introductions)
13: you make my dreams come true
14: announcer encore break
15: United States
16: radio announcer
This is the final part of glasnostrd19's Hall and Oates Boston torrent trilogy,
touring the "private eyes" album this time. It would be far from the end for their
success, but by this point they were among the biggest stars in pop music. If you
leave out one of the announcer encore break tracks, this will fit on 1 80 min. CD.
this one was recorded on a bottom of the line Technics deck, not a good one at all
and one of the worst I've ever used (only for a month or two, fortunately, in 81,
the other 2 of these were not done on that pathetic excuse for a deck...)
so this would be the baby bear for quality in this H & O trilogy, but it did have
clean heads & capstan. No speed problems or static in it, just not very high fidelity
(most recordings with that Sansui were high fidelity and pretty good, it was
one of the better recievers in the 70's)
If you get all of my little H & O trilogy, you can put them on 3 80 min. CD's
without any editing or awkward transitions. I thought all three of the shows in
this trilogy were very good performances, and by this point Boston (and their
home in Pa.) were far from the only ones who had caught on to a couple of the
finest vocalists in pop music. I don't listen to alot of H & O myself, but I
can appreciate a fine performance and I feel it only right, knowing how popular
the first 2 parts of my H & O in Boston trilogy have been, that I share all these
shows, because as good as they are, Boston got very lucky with WBCN getting to
broadcast these 3 very nice concerts. I can easily see why alot of people like
Hall and Oates. Especially if they hear these shows. Their singing is about as
good as I've ever heard from male pop singers. Whoever trained these cats in
singing (it's not easy, my roomie is a singer) did a fine job of it.
In case you did not hear or don't already have, the 1st 2 shows are from Boston
79 and 80, all FM masters. They're still available, just click on glasnostrd19,
both will be there, and click on it just like you would any other torrent.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Deck the halls.
Eat the oats.
It's all good for you.