Hall and Oates:
Tower Theatre, Upper Darby

The Recording:
master: soundboard > AIWA portable DAT recorder
Copy (clone): dat master > CDR

The Players:
Daryl Hall: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
John Oates: vocals, acoustic guitar
T-Bone Wolk: acoustic bass
? drums
? keyboards
? acoustic guitar
Eileen Ivers: violin
Lisa Haney: cello

The Set List:

01 Back Together Again
02 You're Out of Touch
03 Say It Isn't So
04 Starting All Over Again
05 Change of Seasons
06 She's Gone
07 One on One
08 Don't Hold Back Your Love
09 Sometimes A Mind Changes
10 Every Time You Go Away
11 Las Vegas Turnaround
12 Fall In Philadelphia
13 Come Back Baby
14 Only Love
15 Keep On Pushing Love
16 Everywhere I Look
17 Somebody Like You
18 Wait For Me
19 Abandoned Luncheonette
20 I Can't Go For That
21 Sarah Smile
22 Man-eater (cut)

> Billed as an "unplugged" show, but they cheat by using an organ
> There were a few songs with left channel drop-outs. Those were converted to mono (2x right channel)
> Missing last 15 minutes of the show