Daryl Hall & John Oates
Ocean Club
Hackney, East London, England

Broadcast date: 2003-04-26

BBC Radio 2

"Live & Exclusive"

"Do It For Love" Tour

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01-Adult Education
02-Out Of Touch
03-Do It For Love
04-Forever for You
05-One on One
06-Getaway Car
07-Sara Smile
08-I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)

Missing: Man on a Mission

09-Me and Mrs. Jones


ljs_54 notes: this is missing "Man On A Mission" from the original BBC 2 broadcast, along with the Intro and Outro by Paul Gambaccini, a long time BBC disc jockey.

I'm certain of the original show date of 04-07-2007, as that is John Oate's 58th birthday, and it was first broadcast on 04-26-2007 by BBC Radio 2. It's been re-broadcast at least once by BBC 2. This is from the first original broadcast.

As for the location being the Mermaid Theater, I'm going with the Ocean Club. The Mermaid Theater is an old theater built in 1959 and now used mainly as a conference center. The BBC does use it, but it appears mainly for classical music related shows:


Seems to have been a special show done for the BBC. Their album, "Do It For Love", had been released in March.

I've seen a version of this was listed at 57 mins. This version is 51:55 mins. The difference is the missing Man On A Mission and the Intro and Outro.

BTW, both the spectral analysis and frequency analysis look great and show a lossless source. The sound is excellent.

Only editing I did was to take out a couple of silent gaps and a skip at about 3:34 of track 08, which I was able to edit fairly cleanly. I did not re-track. Due to the missing track, there is a very quick fade out/fade in between tracks 8 and 9. SBEok.

Original seeder zazafromjohor at Tapecity:

the master was taped on the first broadcast. the reason why you don't hear the speaker at the begining is because I was not at home and I programmed the recording on my stereo.... it started right at the beginning of the intro but I edited it out since it was not very interesting.

then the track missing was either
because of an interruption of the DAB signal or when the tape reversed - my
stereo is able to autoreverse as soon as the tape reaches the blank part - it chucked too much of the track. As for the outro, again it was not very interesting.