Hall & Oates
Beacon Theater, NYC
September 23, 2013

16 bit 44.1 kHz FLACs

02-Out of Touch
03-Say It Isn?t So
04-It?s a Laugh
06-Alone Too Long
07-Las Vegas Turnaround
08-She?s Gone
09-Sara Smile
10-I Can?t Go For That

11-Rich Girl
12-You Make My Dreams

13-Kiss On My List
14-Private Eyes

Lineage: Stealth recorded and minimally produced by mrsaureus, being shared for the first time. Sitting center loge second row using Core-Sound High End Binaurals (DPA-4060 capsules) to Sony PCM-M10 (48 kHZ, 24 bit), WavePad Sound Editor to chop and convert to 44.1 kHz, 16 bit FLAC. This is an audience recording that aims to document the experience of being in the crowd at the show, and features occasionally loud but appropriate crowd noise.

I?ll be brief: Great band performing great songs (?Alone Too Long?!) in a great venue.

Let?s see, yeah, I think I got the adjectives right.