Hamilton Loomis
Spirit of 66 Verviers
2 december 2013

Audience recording by Heucki

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Hamilton Loomis : Gitaar, moutharp and vocals
Fabian Hernandez : Keyboards ,Tenor and Alt saxofoon
Dant´┐Ż Ware : Bass
Armando Aussenac : Drums

101. Intro
102. Everything i had
103. Partner in crime
104. She's had enough
105. That thing
106. Eternally
107. Something wrong
108. A woman like you
109. Stuck in a rut
110. No, no, no
111. Give it back
112. High

202. One more take
203. Working real hard/ Jammin
204. Take a number and stand in line
205. Bow how
206. Where we started
207. Slow lover