The Hank Wangford Band - Country's answer to Country - BBC Radio 1 In Concert FM fresh transfer - 1982 .10.16

Akai FM Tuner/Dennon DR-M22 Cassette Deck/JVC TD-W718 to Sony RH1 MD set to PCM/USB to wav via Sonicstage/adobe audition >Tracks>fades>Flac 6

This is a fresh transfer of this classic "In Concert" from the best line up of the Wangfords.

I just gave it a little sparkle in adobe audition parametric filter.

Set List
01. Introduction
02. Ragmop
03. DFW
04. Object of my affection
05. Too far gone
06. One more night with you
07. Wild thing
08. The house where love has been
09. Never wear mascara when you love a married man
10. Plastic palm trees

Hank Wangford vocals/guitar
Amos Avaczyk-Daley bass (aka Gary Taylor)
Milton Keynes alias Billy Three-Knees, a genuine Prawnee Indian
(aka Howard Tibble), drums
Brad Breath lead - pronounced as in the metal - guitar (aka Andy Roberts),
Irma Cetas vocalist (aka Melanie Harrold),
Manly Footwear pedal steel guitar (aka B. J. Cole).