THE HANK WANGFORD BAND BBc Radio 1 In Concert - sometime in 1982

FM Stereo - Country's answer to Country!

FM Tuner/Dennon DR-M22 Cassette Deck - SA90/Cool Edit Pro(Track Markings)>FLAC

This is following a request for a reseed of this great set from the Wangfords.

I was sorting through some stuff in my attic and came accross this cassette which I had not seen since I moved in our present house in 1989. It still played very well with little hiss, so I thought I would try to upload. These are the original Wangfords, and don't forget - old cowboys never die, they just smell that way!!

Set List
01. Introduction
02. Ragmop
03. I looked for you in DFW but you must have been in love
04. Object of my affection
05. Too far gone
06. One more night with you
07. Wild thing
08. The house where love has been
09. Never wear mascara when you love a married man
10. Plastic palm trees