Hank Wangford Band Half Moon Putney London 1984.08.05 never circulated cassette master FLAC

Sony mic/Sony Pro Walkman/Played on JVC TD-W718 to Sony MZ-RH1 on PCM/wav conversion in Sonicstage/adobe audition>Tracks>Fades> Flac 6

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Another fun hot sweaty night at the Half Moon Putney, with faces old and new in the band. This was a warm up gig for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and times at a fairly mean 84 minutes. They played for just over 20 minutes and took a break, then returned to play their Edinburgh set. The 1984 Edinburgh Festival Fringe saw Hank and the Wangfords achieve fame (if not fortune) with their show being nominated for the Perrier Award. Fringe Sunday also saw the importation to Edinburgh of the sport of cow-pat flinging. Unfortunately, this required hard cow-pats as an essential part of the process. BBC Radio 1 DJ Andy Kershaw had to put out an appeal for cow-pats which later had to be dried in a microwave oven for them to work successfully!

This recording was on 2 cassettes, I have no idea why after all this time.

01 Whisky on my guitar
02 Hold the phone
03 Green Door
04 Banter
05 Honky Tonkin
06 Banter/some band introductions
07 Cowboys stay on longer
08 Wild thing
09 Banter
10 Song of the bandit
11 Angel flying too close to the ground
12 Louisiana man
13 Lassoo my heart or You only herd the one you love
14 You were made co-respondent in a divorce suit today
15 Cow cow boogie
16 Instumental - fades in
17 Anyway
18 Tennessee loco
19 Last thing I needed
20 Two time polka
21 Jogging with Jesus

The Hank Wangford Band

Hank Wangford guitar/vocals
Irma Cetas (Melanie Harrold) vocals/guitar
Manly Footwear (BJ Cole) pedal steel
Bobby valentino fiddle/vocals
Harry Trout III (Steve Donelly) lead guitar
Amos Avaczyk-Daley (Gary Taylor) bass/vocals
Milton Keynes (Howard Tibble) drums/vocals