Hans Koller - Rarities from the Eighties

Hans Koller (ts), Fritz Pauer (p,keys)
1. unknown (Erik Satie) 15:54
2. Naima (John Coltrane) 5:21
Recorded in the early 1980s
#1 from Klaus Schulz's private archives.
#2 was recorded for Walter Richard Langer's "Bourbon Street" TV show, for a Coltrane programme.

Hans Koller (ts)
3. Lush Life (Billy Strayhorn) 3:27
Private recording, live in a club in Vienna, early Eighties.

Hans Koller (ts), Attila Zoller (g)
4. All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern) 10:05
Recorded February 12, 1983 at "Willy's Rumpelkammer", a club in Vienna.

TT: 33:50

Sound: A- (#1/2), A-/B+ (#3/4 - low hum)
Source: OE 1 broadcast

Lineage: FM > minidisc > analogue to HD > Cool Edit Pro > CDR
Additional: EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro (centred WAVs) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
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I recorded this off my mono radio, but these are low-fi recordings anyway, so I hope you won't mind!

the remaining tracks two shown in the log are commercially released!