Hans Raj Hans (vocals) conveying the message of the ancient Sufi masters with a studio session recorded 2011.04.15, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 "World Routes" 2011.07.01 FLAC master

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Lopa Kothari with a session from Indian Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans.

Hans Raj Hans sees his main role as conveying the message of the ancient Sufi masters through music. His Punjabi-language songs have a more lyrical style than the better-known Sufi Qawwali style of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - but he feels his music is a 'truer' approach to Sufism. He also frequently writes and sings music for Bollywood films, and occasionally makes appearances in them too. He recently featured in London South Bank's Alchemy Festival.

01 Introduction

02 Rakho mori Lage

03 Talk

04 Kharam raseed imshubh

05 Talk

06 Yee kyar ras he

07 Talk

08 Nitkher Manga


Hans Raj Hans (vocals)
Sadiq Ali (tabla)
Kishore Chand (keyboard)
Jayantilal Ghosh (rabab)