Happy and Artie Traum's Woodstock Guild Winter Solstice concert 12/14/2007
at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock,
New York featuring Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Larry Campbell,
John Sebastian, Cindy Cashdollar, Teresa Williams, Amy Helm
and Robbie Gjersoe...2 sets..the first set was 83 minutes but edited to 77:54 minutes without any loss of music.

The lineage is: Sonic dsm6>DATD8>Audiophile2496>Audacity>CDWAV>FLAC8 We were in about the 6th row.
The set list is first

D1T1 eight more miles to Louisville,
D1T2 band members intro,
D1T3 it's good to see you,
D1T4 intro to..
D1T5 Hungry dogs of New Mexico,
D1T6 Pawn shop blues,
D1T7 Halifax pt.1,
D1T8 Halifax pt2,
D1T9 Cukoo is a pretty bird,
D1T10 Jimmie Dale intro
D1T11 down the wrong track again
D1T12 Jimmie Dale introduces..
D1T13 down by the banks of the colorado
D1T14 Larry Campbell introduces..
D1T15 darling companion
D1T16 John Sebastian's Ed Sullivan story
D1T17 that's all it took
D1T18 Sebastian intro
D1T19 you didn't have to be so nice
D1T20 deep purple
D1T21 you were there for me
D1T22 when I paint my masterpiece

D2T1 Pretty Boy Floyd
D2T2 artie jazz tune
D2T3 intro to...
D2T4 jug band tune
D2T5 green pastures
D2T6 intro to..
D2T7 Joy to the world
D2T8 intro to..
D2T9 blind lemon jefferson song
D2T10 intro to..
D2T11 deep elem blues
D2T12 intro to
D2T13 i'll be your baby tonight
D2T14 intro to
D2T15 Good night Irene..

Happy Traum voc. Gtr and banjo,
Artie Traum voc and gtr,
Jimmie Dale Gilmore voc and gtr,
Larry Campbell violin, mandolin, gtr and voc,
Cindy Cashdollar dobro, Teresa Williams voc and gtr, Amy Helm voc and mandolin,
Robbie Gjersoe gtr.

Note it's Amy singing lead on Green Pastures. There is a 3 second sound drop out on D1T1 and there is some minor digital noise during Larry Campbell's talking on D1T14. The rest I believe is quite good.