Tom Rush, Sara Hickman, David Buskin, Robin Batteau, Ellis Paul, Radislaf Lorkovic, Chris Kasper

Happy Songs for Hard Times workshop

Philadelphia Folk Festival, Schwenksville, PA

1 sound check
2 Gonna Get Hot Tonight (TR)
3 Rose Tatoo (EP)
4 Little Bird of Anger (SH)
5 Heart of the Audience (BB)
6 Old Piano (CK)
7 Take All The Sky You Need (EP)
8 East of Eden (TR)
9 ??? (SH)
10 Second Homeless (BB)
11 Old Blevins (TR)
12 Gone Summer ??? (CK)
13 ??? (SH)
14 Good Luck In The Promised Land (BB)
15 The Trees (Ck)
16 Joshua Gone BArbados (TR)
17 Sea Cruise (ALL)

Sony MS-959v -> Church Audio ST-20A -> Olympus LS-10

any helpwith setlisdt appreciated