Hard Working Americans 2014-02-21
Live at the Marathon Music Works Nashville, TN

Source: Shure m81>DR-100mkII(24/96)
Conversion: Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)>Audacity(16)>TLH(8flac)
Adjustements: Intro levels raised, Wrecking Ball levels raised
Exported at 16/96
FOB 50'Centered from Stage 10.5' High
Taped by Otterman

~ Set ~

Blackland Farmer
Down To The Well
Welfare Music
Stuck On The Corner
Another Train>
This Thing Working>
Another Train
Mission Accomplished
Run A Mile
Don't Have A Gun
Mountain Song
Play A Train Song
Straight To Hell
Comes From THe Heart
Stomp And Holler

~ Encore ~

Mr. President Have Pity On The Working Man
Wrecking Ball
~ Filler ~ PA House

Run Time: 1hr 50min