Hard Working Americans


Richmond, VA

"Brown's Island - Dominion Riverrock"

(Directly FOB-stand @9')

Beyer M201s(POS)>Marantz PMD661(Oade WMOD)@24/48>Audacity(16/44)>CDWave(splits)>Flac Frontend(Level 6)

Recording and transfer by DATBRAD


d101 Crowd intro >
d102 Burn Out Shoes >
d103 Another Train >
d104 We're All In This Together >
d105 Is This Thing Working > Train
d106 Mission Accomplished
d107 Throwing The Goats
d108 Roman Candles
d109 Mountain Song
d110 Something Else
d201 Run A Mile
d202 Purple Mountain Jamboree
d203 Blackland Farmer
d204 Down To The Well
d205 School Days