Songwriter's Circle
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

Performers: Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Billy Bragg, & Verlon Thompson

Source: AK-50s (in hat, a-b) > LC-3 > KM-100s > V3 > JB3
Lineage: JB3 > HDD (via notmad) > CdWave > FLAC16
Recorded by Andrew Pierce

01 introduction
02 F the FCC (Steve Earle)
03 The Walkin' man (Guy Clark)
04 Stetson Kennedy (Billy Bragg)
05 Ol' Joe Clarke (Verlon Thompson)
06 Tom Ames Prayer (Steve Earle)
07 Dublin Blues (Guy Clark)
08 Sing their souls back home (Billy Bragg)
09 Between a Whisper and a Scream (Verlon Thompson)
10 Fort Worth Blues (Steve Earle)
11 Gimme just one more puff (Guy Clark)
12 Phil Ochs (Billy Bragg)
13 We ain't been everywhere yet (Verlon Thompson)
14 The Devil's right hand (Steve Earle)
15 Stuff that works (Guy Clark)
16 Bushwar Blues (Billy Bragg)
17 Joe Walker's Mare (Verlon Thompson)

The Blue Angles flew over several times during the set. Steve Earle starts out the set by encouraging the crowd to flip them the bird... and the crowd did so every time the rest of the day.
There is a tiny bit of clipping at the high volumes near the end of the show.

Special thanks to Warren Hellman for putting on the greatest free festival around.