Harriet Tubman (V2 sselavy-TomP Remaster)
Knitting Factory NYC
Recorded: June 8th, 1998
Broadcast: August 1st, 1998

Source: BBC FM broadcast > Aiwa 3-head cassette deck > CDR recorder

Original Editing (Nero 6)
Fade In, correction of Track00 L/R balance & cross-fade Tracks 00>01

V1 Remaster Edits (Nero 8) - Correction of FM phase offsets, balance / volume fluctuations, re-track to fix SBEs
V2 Remaster Edits: Corrected hundreds more balance variations, volume adjustments and cross-mix channels (99:1 ratio)

Fine Fastone artworks included (thanks !!) and used to create flac tags using Tag & Rename

Quality: A++ with relatively little hiss for this vintage

In my recent Harriet Tubman + Wadada Leo Smith post, I received several requests to re-seed this, but checking the sound
quality, I found there were lots more changes needed and now this V2 remaster sounds even better, plus you now get artwork
and flac tags that many Dimers like to have, so is is a very worthwhile downloading although I'll put up an mp3 sample in
the hope that many more folks grab this great music this time round.

TomP post on Dime, April 2014...Enjoy !!

Brandon Ross - guitar
Melvin Gibbs - bass
J.T. Lewis - drums

Set list (55.24)

01 - Adapted (11.10)
02 - Where We Stand (13:23)
03 - Medley (30.42) inc...
- Frozen Fire (5.42)
- Wild Seed (2.35)
- Slide Rule (9.15)
- Savannah (9.26)
- Wild Seed return (2.36)
04 - Radio Outro (0.09)

V1 original info >>>>>>>>>>>>>

After I posted (id #102679) the original Harriet Tubman broadcast, member 'sselavy' provided further
details and also had another track, broadcast in a previous 'Jazz on 3' program as a taster, which he
kindly mailed to me.

With his help, plus listening to both of their CDs, 'I'm a Man' and 'Hunt for the Prototype',
the set list for this powerful set is also now identified below.

Now with the posting of another Tubman set, I decided to re-seed and took the opportunity to fix the
standard FM phase shifts (and some other small edits), so now it sounds even more wonderful...

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