I downloaded this several years ago. I saw arequest for a live burning yourself....here it is. Hayy Chapin was an amazing Talent and there too few boots out there. Enjoy!

Harry Chapin
Palatine, IL 1973

These songs come from an old soundboard sourced Reel-to-Reel tape that just finished
a thirty year tour of various garages around the country. There is some slight
distorion in the tape in parts, but it's not overly intrusive. If you're a Harry
Chapin fan, you'll really enjoy this early show regardless of a few problems on
the master tape. He's (as usual) very talkative, down to earth, and pleasant. A
portion of the original tape has been removed due to excessive problems. We know
that the tape was recorded at a college in Palatine, IL in 1973. The only college
that I can find in that city is called Harper College, though I cannot say for
certain that it's where the concert actually took place.
-Stephen Pickett, http://www.salvaj.com/steve/bootlegs

Harry Chapin - Guitar, Vocals
Ron "Fingers" Palmer - Lead Guitar
"Big John" Wallace - Vocals, Bass
Tim Scott - Cello

Disc 1:
1. Sunday Morning Sunshine (fades in)
2. (dialogue)
3. Greyhound
4. Empty
5. (band introductions)
6. Talkin' Bout Love
7. Better Place to Be
8. 30 Second Classic
9. Pigeon Run
10. And The Baby Never Cries

Disc 2:
1. Easy
2. Mr. Tanner
3. Could you Put Your Light On Please
4. Burnin' Herself
5. Just Any Old Kind of Day
6. 30 Second Classic II
7. Greasy Spoon
8. Taxi
9. Sniper

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