Harry Muskee Gang and Jan Akkerman Band and Friends
Zaal Bellevue Assen


Got this one from Jaap

This one is for my friends Ane and Rijn

01. Geronimo Weeps (Muskee Gang)
02. Practical Cowards (Muskee Gang)
03. Conversation (Akkerman/Muskee)
04. Slow Down Turn Around (Muskee Gang)
05. Never Get Out Off These Blues Alive (Muskee Gang)
06. Introductions
07. Heavy Treasure (Akkerman and Band)
08. Conversation (Akkerman/Muskee)
09. Streetwalker and Pietons (Akkerman and Band)

01. Conversation (Akkerman/Muskee)
02. A House Is Not A Home/Fool For Your Stockings (The whole Band)
03. Conversation (Muskee/Akkerman)
04. Hey Bartender (The whole Band)

The Band:
Harry Muskee-vocal
Jan Akkerman-guitar
Hans Dulfer-sax
Mark van der Geer-keyboards
Dino Walcott-bass
Hans Waterman-drums
Hans Lafaille-drums
Paaul Smeenk-guitar
Peter Kuyt-trompet
Michiel Scholder-trompet
Ruud van Dijk-sax
Kees van der Lage-bass
Herman Deinum-bass


Enjoy and a Happy NewYear