Venue: Das Bett, Schmidtstrasse
City: Frankfurt am Main
Country: Germany


Recording info:

Audience-recording of the entire concert. Very nice sound-quality.

Taper: rendel

Lineage: Soundman OKM RII>Zoom H2n>SD>wav>Magix Music Cleaning Lab 15 Deluxe>CD-R>EAC>Flac>Dime

6 tracks, sorry, no setlist

TT 68:55 minutes

HARSH TOKE played a powerful wall of sound with two guitars, a bit keyboards, some raw vocals and little rhythm changes. They call it Acid Rock. Hard psychedelic for sure ...


Austin Ayub - drums
Richard Belton - fender bass
Gabe Messer - gibson guitar, keyboards
Justin Figueroa - gibson guitar, vocals

I could almost enjoy half of the concert because the second half I had to pay attention not to get hit by some Pogo-dancing idiots (especially one) who messed up the crowd. Neither they weren�t drunk nor they were really interested in the music. They just wanted to do their weird understanding of having fun without regard. One time the most crazy idiot was crawling backwards on the stage. Just before the roadie got into panic because the idiot almost laid his back on the effect gadgets he fortunately left the stage. Later on it was nearly from a fight between the most crazy idiot and one of the crowd. There was no security. Very late, too late, the club-keeper accompanied the most crazy one outside but he returned. Despite this bad recording-conditions the recording turned out to be really good. Check sample.

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