Vortex Surfer MusikClub, Siegen, Germany
(audience recording)


Soundman OKM I > ZOOM H1 > PC(via USB) > Wavelab (EQ, edit, tracking) > TLH(flac8)

recording position: 4m from stage, center



00 - (tuning+stuff) (1.41)
01 ?... (4.35)
02 ?... (4.39)
03 ?... (9.38)
04 ... (fucking brandnew) (17.15)
05 light up and live (13.59)

06 encore jam (?) (8.53) *

07 2nd encore jam (?) (8.38) ** (fades in - about 30 sec in the beginning are missing)

08 finale jam (30.57) *** (fades in - about a minute in the beginning is missing)

Time: 100 min

(I had never heard of this band before, so if anybody recognizes the other tracks, please help out)

** I had already shutted down my recording equipment, when they decided to do a second encore

*** they started this jam about half an hour after the second encore, quite unannounced, so I needed a little time to "boot" my recording-device again.


Jusin Figueroa (g)
Richard Belton (bg)
Gabe Messer (g, keys, voc)
Austin Ayub (dr)

* + Jay Anderson (shaker) (? I guess he was it ?)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*** final-jam-line-up (? not 100% sure about this, but it looked like ?) :

Gabe Messer (keys, voc)
Richard Belton (bg)
Andrew Moszynski (g) (of COMET CONTROL)
Jay Anderson (dr) (of COMET CONTROL)
unknown young lady from Siegen (g)

as you can see in the line-up of the final session, that was not neccessarily a HARSH TOKE-track, but more an "all-star-jam", played as a kind of "replacement" for the extremely short-timed, -means: after the 2nd encore of HARSH TOKE- cancelled VIBRAVOID-headliner-act.
(They were excused officially with a ... "broken car" ... hm)

(so, if I get something wrong with the line-up, please correct me somebody who might know better)


There was a lot of audience chatter, but thanks to the raw power and volume of the band, that's almost not audible.

Though the sound of the club in itself is not very great, this is a quite fine recording, I think
Because this is the raw band-sound without PA or soundboard in between (so I've been told!), I had to do some EQing, but just the common, nothing difficult or critical.
+ a little soundboard-like mastering-compression, but nothing pumping audible.

SORRY, no cover-artwork

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uploaded to DIME by rackhir january 2015