Harvey Mandel & The Snake Band

January 08, 1991
The I-Beam
San Francisco, CA

From the Teddy Ballgame Archive

Recording info; Soundboard > DAT > PCM

Transfer info; PCM > Sony PCM601esd (spdif out) > Marantz PMD661 recorder (spdif in) (emphasis decoded) > Nuendo > Wav 16/44

Master Digital Recording by Adam Blinn
PCM provided by Ted Mattes
Transfer by Anonymous
Edited & Mastered with Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
April 16, 2020

The Players
- Harvey "The Snake" Mandel; guitar
- Bobby Scott; bass
- James "T" Thornbury; guitar, harmonica
- Ernest Conner; drums

- house mix is off for the first minute or so
- any help with the setlist is greatly appreciated

- setlist -
t01 - intro
t02 - [unknown]
t03 - Crosscut Saw (Albert King)
t04 - Baby Batter
t05 - Shangernade
t06 - The Snake
t07 - My Souls on Fire
t08 - Miami Rain
t09 - Three O'clock Stock (BB King)
t10 - Honey Tonk
t11 - Mystery Train (Junior Parker)
t12 - I Wish You Would (BillY Boy Arnold)
t13 - Tell Me (Howlin' Wolf)
t14 - Midnight Sun
t15 - Riding in the Moonlight (Howlin' Wolf)
t16 - [instrumental]

Total run time: 1:22:37.226

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