The Haunted Windchimes
Center For Inner Peace
Pueblo, CO

Secret Show #5

Source: DPA 4060 > CA-Ugly > iRiver H120 (Rockboxed)
Transfer: H120 > USB > CD Wave (splitting) > Trader's Little Helper v.2.6.0 > .flac, .ffp, .torrent
Location: 18" T-bar, ~7' up, stage right, 8 rows back

Recorded & Seeded by brianblank
"It's only a memory if you don't record it"

Spread the music, but please do not distribute MP3 or other lossy formats
Support the band by buying officially released music and seeing them on tour
Please do not profit from this recording in any way

Set 01

01. That Old Road Is A Callin'
02. Please Don't Take My Baby Away
03. Out With The Crow
04. Fleeting Transient Feelings
05. More Drink Please
06. Second Wind
07. Leaving Here
08. Rattlesnake Girl
09. Love, Love, Love
10. Waitin' For A Train
11. Find The Door
12. Leave The Nest

Set 02

01. Honey Moonshine
02. Pine Six String
03. Wanderin' Heart
04. Troubled Waters
05. Long Gone Lonesome
06. My Old Friend
07. Over The Line
08. Wedding Song
09. Bed Of Roses
10. St. Claire Sound
11. Searchin' For The Truth
12. The American Dream
13. [encore break/announcements]
14. Little Box
15. Bound To Break
16. Say Yer Sorry

Inaja Lujan: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Desire Garcia: Vocals, Baritone Ukele, Kazoo
Chela Lujan: Vocals, Banjo, Guitar
Mike Clark: Fiddle, Mandolin, squeeze box, Harmonica, Vocals