Kaleidoscope, Birmingham. England.

Artists unknown, but does include Dave Brock & Crum.
There are some audience coments regarding a certain bass player before Brainstorm, but I cant confirm any other musicians playing.

1 Intro
2 Right Stuff
3 Death Trap
4 Damnation Alley
5 Step Down
6 Motorway City - Living On A Knife Edge
7 Lost Chronicles (incubus)
8 City Of Tiny Lights
9 ?
10 ?
11 Psi Power
12 Shot Down In THe Night
13 Brainstorm

This is a tape that I traded many years ago.
Having emptied my loft after ten years I have been reunited with many tapes that I thought that had been lost. Some are from trades and some are master tapes that I will try and sort out and post if they are ok.

Lineage for this is tape trade > Digital transfer > EAC > Flac.

Quality is VG +/- Audience tape.

I have not done anything to the recording and it does have flaws.

If you wish to remaster it feal free.