Port Talbot Festival
23 May 1970

Digital Remaster

The Sunshine Special
Pt 1 - The Reason Is? 4.03
Pt 2 - Be Yourself 11.33
Pt 3 - Paranoia 4.21
Pt 4 -Seeing It as You Really Are 10.31

Dave Brock guitar, vocals
Nik Turner saxophone, flute, vocals
Huw Lloyd-Langton guitar
John Harrison bass guitar
Dik Mik synthesizer
Terry Ollis drums


Audience recording, poor, but listenable.

Historical Details:

This is the very first Hawkwind live recording known to exist, released prior to their debut lp, which was released in August 1970. "The Sunshine Special" was the original title of a freeform improvisation, which was cut into four pieces for their debut.

Technical Details:

This one is from Yeeshkul some time ago - thanks go to the orginal seeder there. Original Linage "Someone with a tape recorder" > ?? > CDR > FLAC

The recording was in a rather bad shape lots of tape glitches and gaps all over the place and a significant distortion through clipping, mostly on the right channel.

Most of the glitches (around 50) and a few clicks have been removed manually with GoldWave. There is still one noticable click at Track 3 @ 1.51 and a defect piece at Track 4 @ 2.28-2.32 (sounds like a scrambled tape) which I was not able to repair and have been left unchanged.

The clipping has been repaired with CoolEdits "Clip Restauration".

The left channel has been slightly amplified.

The first track has been slightly faded in, the last track has been slightly faded out.

No noise reduction or other processing has been done. (For the ones who want to fiddle around I have included to tape-noise samples, which were cut out of the gaps)

So the new Linage would be "Someone with a tape recorder" > ?? > CDR > FLAC > WAV > Goldwave > WavMerge > CoolEdit > CDWav (for splitting) > FLAC

The original covers can be found at: http://hawklord.com/covers/hw/ . I found these covers were not very apt to the recording (title, fonts, logo, pictures had no resemblance to this hawkwind period), so I took the liberty to make a new one; discard if you don't like it