Darmstadt, Germany,
4 June 1971

Digital Remaster

Disk 1
1.1 - Opening Jam 15.52
1.2 - Master of the Universe 8.37
1.3 - You know you're only dreaming 4.13
1.4 - Jam 5.18
1.5 - You shouldn't do that 12.59

Disk 2
2.1 - Paranoia 6.21
2.2 - Seeing it as you really are 6.49
2.3 - Sweet Mistress of Pain 9.38
2.4 - Jam 18.43

Dave Brock guitar, vocals
Nik Turner saxophone, flute, vocals
Huw Lloyd-Langton guitar
Dave Anderson bass guitar
Dik Mik synthesizer
Terry Ollis drums


Audience recording, very poor,
apparently somebody did try to clean this up before

Historical Details:

This is the third Hawkwind live recording known to exist, recorded between their debut and their second lp. The first one was Port Talbot, 1970 (still seeded here). The second one is Colchester, February 1971 and is (semi-)officially available on the vinyl-version of "The Text of the Festival" and has a (suprisingly) good quality - definitely worth getting.

http://hawklord.com/covers/hw/ has also a cover for the concert the day beore ("Berlin, Walbuehne") - a look at the set list reveals, this must be the wrong year and is actually 1972.

The venue is most of the time named "Otto-Bernte-Halle" - a quick research reveals, this is a missspelling, the correct name is "Otto-Berndt-Halle".

Technical Details:

This one is from Yeeshkul some time ago - thanks go to the orginal seeder there. Original Linage "Someone with a tape recorder" > ?? > CDR? > Amadeus II > EQ > CDR > Flac

A quick glance at the Amadues-Page reveals: "Amadeus II allows you to easily remove background noise and/or little cracks from a recording, making it the ideal tool for restoring old LP's." ... and this seems to be done heavily, the recording sounds anaemicly cleand up, not the slightes hiss, killing a lot of frequencies on passant. Something which could not be repaired - all boosting or eq'ing made things worse, so I left the frequencies untouched.

I repaired two cuts (in "Shouldn't" - originally inbetween was the disc change - and "Mistress of Pain") and made some proper fade-in and fade-out for the discs. Some volume drops have been boosted. No further noise reduction or other processing has been done. The whole thing was recut.

So the new Linage would be "Someone with a tape recorder" > ?? > CDR? > Amadeus II > EQ > CDR > Flac > WAV > CoolEdit Goldwave > WavMerge > CDWav (for splitting) > FLAC

The file seems to be mono - hence the small file size.

The original covers can be found at: http://hawklord.com/covers/hw/ . Again, I made a new cover, which reflects (IMO) the time and the quality of the recording a bit more than the usual Sci-Fci-Covers - skip them, if you don't like it.