1973 March 10th
National Stadium
Dublin, Ireland

Lineage : Audience Recording > Generations(?) > Digital > FLAC > WAV > CD > FLAC8

The Music:

Disc One:
01. Final Countdown;
02. Technicians Of Spaceship Earth;
03. Born To Go;
04. Down Through The Night;
05. Awakening;
06. Lord Of Light;
07. Black Corridor;
08. Space Is Deep;
09. Orgone Accumulator;
10. Upside Down;

Disc Two:
01. Ten Seconds Of Forever;
02. Brainstorm;
03. Seven By Seven;
04. Sonic Attack;
05. Time We Left;
06. Watcher;
07. Master Of The Universe;
08. Welcome To The Future;
09. You Shouldn't Do That;
10. Silver Machine

The Musicnauts:

Dave Brock
Dik Mik
Bob Calvert
Simon King
Nik Turner
Del Dettmar

Torrented to Dime by:
December 2008

Thanks to jonsatticuk for telling me what a torrent was years ago
and leading me to the Hawkwind traders.