25 July 1973

Top Rank, Southampton, England

Re-edit of now-deceased torrent

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Audience recording of Hawkwind'as performance at the Top Rank, Southampton. Described as one of the better 1973 recordings, the sound is very indistinct - hissy, lacking treble, and distorted. However, it's listenable for all that. The original was also plagued with continuity problems - the sound cutting out numerous times and picking up a second or so later, which was rather annoying. These have been edited out, using similar brief sections in the music to restore continuity - "The Watcher" has had several bars added in, increasing its length nine seconds. A few odd pops and crackles, sometimes from the taper fiddling with equipment, have also been removed, making the listen a far less jarring one. The show is quite a good one, one song flowing into the next throughout the show.

CD1 61:11
Gaga <1:01>
Eternal Champion <1:45>
Born To Go <5:34>
Down Through The Night <7:11>
It's So Easy <10:00>
Brainbox Pollution <6:20>
The Black Corridor <1:37>
Space Is Deep <8:15>
The Watcher <9:13>
Wariors <1:14>
Brainstorm <8:57>

CD2 36:41
Seven By Seven <7:51>
Sonic Attack <3:21>
Time We Left <10:33>
Master Of The Universe <5:41>
Standing At The Edge <1:42>
Urban Guerilla <4:21>
Seeing You As You Really Are <3:08>

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Artwork included.