Windsor Festival
29 August 1973

01 Standing on the Edge / Warriors
02 It's So Easy
03 Ode to a Time Flower
04 Jam
05 Warrior on the Edge of Time
06 Brainstorm
07 Orgone Accumulator / Seeing It As You Really Are
08 Sonic Attack
09 Time We Left
10 Paranoia
11 Awakening
12 The Watcher //

Dave Brock
Nik Turner
Del Dettmar
Simon King
Robert Calvert
Michael Moorcock

Aud > ? > CDr(x) > EAC(secure, log included) > EAC (new track split, cue included) > FLAC(6)

One of the best-sounding Hawkwind recordings from 1973 (which isn't saying much!). It's also notable for the "festival" atmosphere, with recitations from Michael Moorcock & Robert Calvert, and a great 14-minute instrumental jam. The only sad thing is that it's clearly incomplete, since it cuts off in the middle of The Watcher (and they would have certainly played Master of the Universe next, perhaps after another poem).

Unfortunately, the transfer is somewhat flawed, with some odd (infrequent) level changes and some clipping (although not severely), but is still very listenable. There are a few short gaps at the start/end of some tracks (perhaps the taper turned the recorder off), but little music seems to be missing. Orgone Accumulator is clearly spliced in from an inferior source, but the (relatively) high sound quality is maintained for the remaining tracks. Most of the track indices were way off, so it was extracted as a single wav, then split with a new cue sheet.